Australia MGA56 GDA2020 ausgeoid 2020

Hi all,
I am using rs2 with the auscors ntrip service in Australia (cs GDA2020). All going well. The issue I see is that at the moment the best configuration available in Reachview3 for coordinate system is GDA2020 datum (EPSG 7856) with geoid AHD 2005 (EPSG 5711). The current and correct geoid for horizontal datum in Australia is GDA2020 with ausgoid2020. Using GDA2020 with geoid AHD 2005 gets an error estimated in 100mm in heights. It seems to be not bad for some application, but for me it could create a problem. Is there any chance to make this geoid (ausgeoid2020) available in reachview 3? Or any ideas? Thank you kindly Pablo

Hi Pablo,

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When you use AHD height vertical datum, the AUSGeoid2020 geoid will be selected automatically if you set the GDA2020 datum. You can take a look at the following guide for more detail.

We’ll check why AHD 2005 is mentioned in the info about ADH height (EPSG: 5711). I’ll write you back with an update.

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Thanks Liudmila, that’s great.

Hi Pablo,

We’ve double-checked this, and it should work the way I described before. Info regarding AHD 2005 only concerns the datum underlying on both older and newer geoid.

Thank Liudmila. It works really well. I tested /checked it with a reliable reference mark. Regards