Auspos RS+ Base Logs Upload

Hi all,

I wish to upload RINEX logs from my base to auspos but if you follow the links below firstly they have criteria that stipulates the format, how can I check the format of my RINEX data? and secondly what antenna type do I select from the drop down list for the Reach RS+?

Any help appreciated.



Hi David,

How’d you go with this?

I get to a stage and get a returned email saying modelling failed.


AUSPOS does not accept, does not process files of L1

Hi @davidmclaren9287,

As I can see from AUSPOS site, @ojedajairo is right.

Here’s a quote:

One of the first checks AUSPOS makes is to see that the user file has both L1 and L2 carrier phase and code data. AUSPOS was designed to process only dual frequency data.

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