Auspos l2c

Auspos has a trial version for processing L2C and the are seeking feedback.
The link is

Which is the correct option regarding antenna type for an RS2?

Kind regards,
James Wallace

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Hi James,

Thanks for sharing! It’d be interesting to test it.

At the moment, please use the DEFAULT (NONE) option.

I’ll give it a go this week and let you know :slight_smile:

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Hi @James,

I’ve uploaded logs from RS2 to AUSPOS and it failed to process it.

According to their support, AUSPOS is still unable to process the data without P observations. They said they’ll fix that in the future.

Hi @james,

AUSPOS had reached out to me and reported that they’ve fixed the data processing without P observations. I had run my log and it worked fine. So feel free to check it on your own data!


Thanks Artem,
Yep, I have uploaded my RINEX file already as they said it should be good to go.
Thanks for following up :slight_smile:

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