AUSCORS NTRIP, base required?

Hey everyone. If I purchased a single reach RS+ (acting as a rover) and then connected that to AUSCORS NTRIP, then would that be sufficient to get highly accurate positional data for creating GCPs? I understand the typical configuration would be a Rover and a Base, being two units; but from my perspective twice the cost, so if I can get away with operating via NTRIP instead of a second unit acting as a base station, that would be awesome!

Any advice greatly appreciated!


RTK requires 2 Reach units: base and rover. One Reach in a Single mode can provide only submeter accuracy.

However, you don’t always need 2 RTK receivers.
It’s also possible to use NTRIP caster via the Internet as a base station. It allows getting centimeter accuracy with only one Reach unit used as a rover.

So, if you’ve already got access to the NTRIP station, you can use it as a base.


I’d also recommend checking if AUSCORS supports as output one of the following Reach correction input formats: RTCM2, RTCM3, OEM4, OEM3, UBX, SS2, HEMIS, SKYTRAQ, SP3.

Theres one 100km from me which is apparently broadcasting RTCM 3.2 with
GPS+GLO+GAL+BDS+QZSS so it seems likely that if I have a sufficient mobile connection I could use AUSCORS instead of a base reach unit and reduce the upfront cost! Thank you very much for your feedback.

100 km is way too much for RTK usage. PPK could work, if signal levels are good.
For RTK, you need a baseline 5-10 km max to get a fix.

If that is the case, then what is the benefit of AUSCORS NTRIP feeds being internet accessible? If they are only useful to people within 5-10 kilometers of a feed position, then they probably cover less than a fraction of a percent of Australia :frowning: Still, thank you for telling me, I appreciate the information!

That’s probably a question better asked to AUSCORS themselves :wink: From their map, it seems the station are concentration around either cities or near large industrial sites.

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There were several threads on this topic. Maybe read here..
AUSCORS is enough for all of Australia.
Check also VRS paid services. They are relatively cheap in Europe. I do not know what it looks like in Australia.

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When you say AUSCORS is enough for all of Australia you are referring to PPK solution and not RTK, correct?

Must be…

AUSCORS for PPK, others for RTN or RTK, example

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