Attaching reach m+ to P4P (1st prototype...)

My goal is to collect raw GPS logs with the reach M+, and use them to attach accurate location information to photos. I plan to operate in the stop-n-shoot mode offered on GS Pro. It’s a bit limiting (e.g., only 100 photos per flight), but hopefully will allow me to correlate the GPS log derived location with the photos time/date stamp.

My first flight suggests that the Reach M+ emanates lots of RF. The P4P had trouble locking on to satellites, and its compass wouldn’t function. You’ll note in the last photo I wrapped the Reach M+ with foil. That fixed the drone’s GPS and compass issue.

Questions: will the reach M+ overhead if wrapped in foil?

BTW, the drone seem to fly just fine.

link to photos:
link to photos on smugmug

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Hi @Steven_Wallace,

There should be no problems with M+ working in foil.
Glad that such a small thing helped you.

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