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We’re presently using a 3G T-Mobile SIM card in our RS2 devices to access our correction service (KeyNet). The T-Mobile coverage is a spotty in some of the areas we are working. My AT&T cell plan has excellent coverage in those areas. Hence, we’re thinking about adding an AT&T data-only plan as an alternative. The network is 5G, however. Will the RS2 work with a 5G SIM card as well?


Unfortunately, no. 3.5G is the latest it’s compatible with. Consider having a collector device that can provide the link to the internet.

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Hi @kvand,

The Reach RS2 modem supports 2G, 3G, and 3.5G. As Gabriel said, you can use a hotspot of your mobile device to provide it with Internet access. Or you can count on a 2G fallback if available in your area.

As for the next network generations’ support, we’re looking into the ways to get it on our receivers in the future.


This is what we use for all our connections.

You don’t have to worry about the limited connectivity options of the RS2 if you go down this path. In the Future just update the wireless modem and you are good to go regardless of the technology available.

I don’t use my mobile as I don’t want that to be running out of battery. In fact when I am on site my phone works via the modem as well. The Netgear M5 will run all day but I tend to plug a battery into it if I am doing something complex or am expecting an extended time in the field.

Looking to purchase a subscription to the Keynet service in PA for some projects. I’ve used the free subscriptions in WV, OH, NY and MI and have had success in getting centimeter accuracy in all 4 states. When I filled out an application for Keynet they came back to me that the Reach units would achieve “mapping grade” with a $1000/year subscription instead of the $375/month

Which subscription do you use and what accuracy do you achieve? If we can get centimeter accuracy, the monthly subscription would be well worth it.

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