Assembly instructions for quanum 700 Spider frame

Been looking for assembly instructions for the Hobby King 700 Spider 700 quad frame.
Anyone have any?

There are some Videos on Youtube, if I remember correctly

Thanks I’ve been to you tube but saw no assembly detail of the frame itself. There are many, many tubes, brackets screws and other pieces in the kit but no info on the assembly procedure.I was looking for kind of an exploded view of all the pieces and where they all fit.

Hmm, I thought there were some videos online about that, but if you say so…

I just checked Hobbykings file section on the spider 700, but nothing there as well

I think you will have to simply have to do learnig by doing…

Agreed, when my frame arrived I searched about as well. Found nothing, so I just plugged away at it. Take your time, and start from the legs and work your way up. Once I started it only took about 10 minutes or so to assemble :smile:

Ok thanks!
I thought I may have to figure it out myself.
Should be an ok quad when finished. I have an APM 2.6 flight control with compass/GPS module for it. Flying a Blade 350QX at the moment.

Check out this video.

Thanks.I’ve seen this video but there is no real frame assembly info in it.
Someone (maybe me) should document the actual frame assembly and offer it to others.I’m wondering why Quanum does not offer at least a small diagram of where all the parts go.However it looks like I’ll have to go it alone with this one.

I found this under the HobbyKing files page for it.

That’s a great help! hobby king must have got the hint of not having info available as there have been many complaints.I looked over their site and also did a live chat for info but they had none. One question is which would be the better route to go for a flight control ,the APM 2.6 or the Pixhawk. I will use GPS on either.

I got mine mostly assembled. But it came with 2 missing screws. They are two screws that will attach the top plate to the stands.

At first I thought that it was because there would be different screws to attach the GPS stand, but that package doesn’t have any screws for that either (it does have those stub things that secures the other pieces together).

I might take one of the screws into Tacoma Screw or Fastenall but last time I did, they didn’t have the small screws like that.

I was wondering about the differences between the Pixhawk and the APM controllers. Which would be the better rote to go?

Hello Folks, Just received my 700 Frame today. Certainly glad because I see the price went back up. Say, I know about the HK build video and the pdf that a good customer uploaded to their site. It however ends after 5 pages it seems. Has anyone found a complete set of instructions?

Hey I found a second HK video that just features the frame now that I’ve watched both I think I can manage the frame build. When I looked at the PDF I didn’t realize all that was missing was the arms… I think even I can manage their construction. Anyway here’s the link: Quanum Spider 700 - HobbyKing Daily - YouTube

@arissluap The best route to go is the Navio2.

Never heard of a Navio2.
Tell me something about it please.

You are joking with me, right?
Did you notice in what forum you are posting?
This forum is run by Emlid, the company that makes the Navio2. The Navio2 is an IMU shield for the Raspberry Pi, to turn it into an autopilot.

Go to the HK product page and look under “files” they have finally posted a decent assembly diagram