Article on Test using Emlid Reach RS2 vs. Topcon Hiper VR

E38 Survey Solutions has an article on their website about a test they did using Emlid Reach RS2 vs. Topcon Hiper VR that Emlid users might find interesting. Some of the quoted text below and link to the full article also.

"RTK GNSS Accuracy Test: Emlid Reach RS2 vs. Topcon Hiper VR
by Kali Fencl November 12, 2020

The intent of this study is to determine whether there are comparable accuracy results between the Emlid Reach RS2 and Topcon’s newest receiver, the Hiper VR. Jim Knuckey, PE, with 46 years of experience in surveying and construction (including 15 years in GPS and Machine Control) conducted this study.

Using RTK, the Reach RS2 with ReachView 3 and the Reach RS2 with FieldGenius for Android (both collected on the E38 Vivid Tablet), were on par with the Topcon Hiper VR running Pocket 3D on an FC500. All GNSS data was compared to data collected using a robotic total station. Table 1 displays the root mean square error for each receiver.


Based on this study, the Emlid Reach RS2 with Reachview 3 as well as with FieldGenius for Android, provide comparable accuracy to that of the Topcon Hiper VR across a variety of different environmental conditions in both RTK and when processed using OPUS."


Holdy Dollerinos Batman

Only $31,640.00 US for a base and rover kit, next time everyone gets mad that a wanted Emlid feature is not implemented instantly, or there is a little glitch remember that cost.

I just received my new RS2, it so pretty and well constructed I think it should sit in the china cabinet when not being used! Thank you Emlid for making this level of accuracy affordable, available, and easy to use to even for non Professional Surveyors.

Emlid is evolving and getting better as you own it, Topcon will stay exactly the same till you have to put up House Reno kind of money yet again to get an update. I am glad that this community is able to slowly help shape the product we use. Also to get such quick and helpful tech support if needed.

This is why I want Emlid to be as easy to strap to the top of your Tractor as any other brand, Its worth it.

Thank you Emlid team!


Great article! I test Emlid vs Topcon on a daily basis and have a plan to replace 30% of our GNSS equipment with Emlid over the next two years. This would happen quicker, but the enterprise-level workflow is not there and in the end that is what you are paying for with a Topcon/Trimble/Leica product. Integrations and licensing are the bane of enterprise technology use. Adding in the cost of FieldGenius is not an option, it is a requirement in order to be able to even make this partial comparison in our environment. Even though FieldGenius gets a higher percentage of the workflow accomplished, it is still at best 50% of the solution. Until you control all your GNSS assets through the cloud, integrate through all the software in a VDC environment, centrally manage the data and control machines you cannot be compared any further.


I just re checked the Hyper VR pricing it is now down from $31640 to $22,340. $9300 Less in 2 months.

So at $3798 for a RS2 survey kit, you could buy 2.4 RS2 for the $9300.
Or 5.88 RS2 for the remaining $22,340.

Emlid must be starting to eat Topcon and Trimble market share, competition is wonderful.


They’re not worried. If you’ve ever used Top or Trim in an enterprise setting you’d know why. Especially in the construction industry which is 90% of their business.


That is good news for the end user, but I agree with Michael that they are probably not too worried about their competition. They have more of a mature turnkey hardware/software solution for the bigger firms, albeit at a much higher cost of course. I for one could not even have looked at the major firms GPS offerings and I am glad that Emlid came along with their products.


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