Arrow Gold

Has anyone tried using an EOS Arrow Gold RTK receiver as a Rover and connecting it to an Emlid Reach RS as a Base via BT or TCP?

I am attempting to go down that road but I can’t seem to get the EOS Arrow Gold to connect and receive any correction info streaming from the Emlid Base.

Hi Steven,
I didn’t knew the EOS Arrow, but looked it up. It is an L1,L2,L5 Receiver, whereas Reach is L1 only. So I am not sure about the correction result.

Which way do you try to connect to the Reach RS Base? I assume TCP over Wifi, as Bluetooth is fairly limited in Range. (BTW: Also Wifi isn’t great as in terms of Range). Have you tried a connection via NTRIP over the internet (RTk2Go for example)?

  • First would be to check if the Arrow can accept the stream anyway (RTCM). Have a look in the Manual. Should be the case, but you knever know…

  • If that is possible, can you check with another receiver that the correction stream is online? I had issues with no corrections sent by my Reach RS base from time to time and needed to restart ist. (TCP Port on Wifi mainly). You could try to use Mission Planner and connect it to the Stream to see if you receive anything (even without a drone) There is a description in the hardware integration section in the docs how to set up a RTK for Pixhawk drones.

  • If both is positive, you may need to check with EOS-GNSS if there is a problem with Arrow just receiving L1 corrections

Thanks for the suggestions Sebastian. I know that the EOS Arrow Gold accepts RTCM messages (we use it all the time with our local base station). I like your idea of checking double checking to make sure the stream is online. I will attempt that first.

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