Arming drone in the air with navio2


Hello I’m working on a hybrid project and i want to be able to arm and disarm my drone in the air. While it flies in the loiter mode i will cut off power from motors and stay my drone suspended in the air with my hybrid system. How could i do this with navio2 and? Could I able to give the commands from dronekit codes or from gcs? Will navio allow me to arm and disarm my drone while it is in the air.

Hi Ummuhan,

Drone arming and disarming depends on the autopilot software you use. For example, Ardupilot doesn’t allow disarming in the Loiter mode. Probably, if send direct mavlink commands, it will be more flexible. But I can hardly provide some guidance on that.

Thanks for attention. I’ll read the documentation which you attached.

Here’s also MAVLink docs. They may be of help too!

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