Are these apps compatible with RS2? Esri Collector or Field Maps apps

Is RS2 compatible with Esri Collector or Field Maps apps

Hi Jason,

You can integrate Reach RS2 with 3rd-party apps using the Bluetooth connection.

We have a short video that describes how to collect data with Reach and ArcGIS collector. You can watch it on our YouTube channel. Also, you can check a text guide that lists the steps of getting Reach coordinates on Android.

Is this also possible when using an iOS device (iPhone 11)?

I have managed to Connect the RS2 via NTRIP so that works great. But I haven’t managed to connect my RS2 to my iPhone via bluetooth. It seems that the the iPhone can’t find my device.

Any tips?

The iPhone connects to the RS2 wifi hotspot or over a separate WiFi source like the one you are using for your in trip access. I use my phone as a hotspot to connect my data collector that is just another phone that has no service and the RS2. Bluetooth comes into play only for the connection of the RS2 positioning to the collection app.

Thanks for your reply, and yes, I have understood that.

But why isnt my iPhone connecting via bluetooth?

I’m sure you already went into reachview and made sure that the rs2 Bluetooth is on and the option is selected for it to be seen. Can you see the RS2 as a device in the Bluetooth settings of your iPhone?

Hey everyone,

Please note that currently, you can’t pair Reach units with iOS devices via Bluetooth. To work with the Bluetooth connection, it’s necessary to use the Android device for now.

However, as I know, most applications allow the TCP connection as well. This is what you can use while working with iOS at the moment.

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