Are there any real time correction services for L1 only receivers?

Just curious to know if there are any real time correction services such as OmniSTAR that will work with L1 only receivers? Or more importantly a Reach? Trying to see if there is a way around having to post-process to get <10cm level accuracy.


@gryzzlydev Yes. It depends on where you are located if they are free or not. The Reach will receive real-time corrections from any L1/L2 network service and get <10cm accuracy.

Hi Grzzlydev, did you end up pursuing an OmniSTAR correction for your Reach? Would you mind sharing the outcome of your efforts if you did?

Cheers, Alistair.

Hi Steve and whoever else may be out there,

I’m looking at correcting a ReachRS position with the OmniSTAR VBS (just chasing sub-metre, but in a very remote area of Africa, where there is no free SBAS).

Can the ReachRS units consume an OmniSTAR correction (ie. network service via satellite), without any additional hardware?

Has anyone got experience with Omnistar and ReachRS? How stable is the connection and how long does it take to reach convergence?

Can you suggest any alternative correction sources?

Thanks for any thoughts or esperience you may be able to share.

Cheers, Al.

Hi @alistair,
I’m not sure if the Reach will work with OmniSTAR corrections. My guess is not without additional hardware.

Is there a reason why you can’t setup your own corrections from a base?


Hi @cczeets, thanks for responding.

I ended up contacting Emlid direct and confirmed that they will not receive Omnistar corrections with their existing hardware.

It’s true that using our own corrections with a base is an option. However we wanted to avoid the delay associated with a 3 hour observation, and subsequent PPK to establish a +200mm base position, prior to collecting the data. Is there a way around this?

Cheers, Al.

Hi @alistair,

Sorry for taking so long to get back with you!
I am not aware of any other way around this.

Best of luck!


Is there a resource to find what the free services in my area would be for the corrections services?
Im in Alberta Canada.

We ended up capturing a 24hour log, exported as Rinex 2.11 and processed with NRCan’s online PPP service.

Ended up with RMS of ~12cm XY and 18cm Z. Good result all in all.

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