ArduSimple - L-Band Satellite RTCM Box

Received an e-mail from ArduSimple for a couple of new items that might be of interest to Emlid users.
1st one is ArduSimple - L-Band Satellite RTCM Box
L-Band centimeter level RTK corrections FOR ANY RECEIVER has never been easier:
The L-Band Satellite RTCM Box is the easiest way to get RTCM corrections in conditions where cellular network coverage, radiolinks, etc have low or no availability at all.
Just power the RTCM Box and it will output RTCM corrections in a few minutes via its RS232 port, which you can use with any commercial RTK GNSS receiver.

• Description
• SSR (State Space Representations) technology, also called PPP-RTK, provides RTK-like performance over large areas for your RTK receiver. This correction data is provided via L6 band (L-band).
• If you are in Europe or Continental North America, and after getting a PointPerfect subscription, just plug ArduSimple L-band RTCM Box to the RS232 input for corrections of your RTK receiver, upload your credentials and start enjoying high precision GNSS.
• Good to know:
– This product doesn’t include PointPerfect subscription
– This product uses PointPerfect service, with accuracy of 2-4 centimeter
– This product provides correction data for GPS and Glonass, for L1, L2 and E5b bands
– This product doesn’t include L-band antenna, which is required to use this product
– This product provides following RTCM messages: 1005, 1033, 1074, 1084, 1230
– The PointPerfect broadcast provides uniform coverage on a continental scale in Europe, the contiguous USA, Canada, South Korea, and Australia regions, including up to 12 nautical miles (roughly 22 kilometers) off coastlines. Please keep in mind that u-blox reserves the right to not approve all applicants to this system.

This product requires approval by u-blox.
Please fill all the information in the form below and we will put you in contact with u-blox PointPerfect representative.
Once you get the approval we will contact you so you can proceed with the purchase.

2nd one is Inline GPS/GNSS Antenna Amplifier (L1/L2/L5/L6)
An inline amplifier is required when the antenna cable length attenuates the GNSS signal to a level below the receiver’s recommended minimum input level. With ArduSimple’s low loss antenna cables and antennas, this happens after 15-25m of cable between the antenna and the GNSS receiver. The exact maximum distance will depen on the model of antenna and receiver that you are using.

For example, if you would like to have a 40m cable between the antenna and the receiver, you will need to connect:

Antenna > 20m cable > Inline GPS/GNSS Antenna Amplifier > 20m cable > Receiver

This product is specially useful for rooftop antenna installations.

Good to know:
– The product comes with SMA female on the antenna side, and SMA male on the receiver side.
– This product is a cheaper alternative to Furuno BA-2670B.

I could see where the L-Band Satellite Corrections might come in handy when you are working out in the sticks and needed RTK corrections that are tied to a CRS and don’t have cell service.

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