ArduRover Crashing Still

I have been trying to use ArduRover to calibrate the compass in mission planner, but ArduRover keeps crashing.

Using Navio2 with RPi3

On Pi
sudo ArduRover -A udp:

Go to compass under mandatory hardware
As soon as I change the primary compass to Compass2, ArduRover crashes on the Pi

I followed this thread

I deleted the .stg files under /var/APM/
did wget
did chmod
then tried calibration

How can I get this to stop crashing?

After wget you need to run APMrover2.elf that had been downloaded on the previous step. That’s the point of downloading this binary.

AHHHH! Thank you! I did not know the .elf file was the binary that needed to be executed! ArduRover works for me now.

Moving on to compass calibration now.

I’m glad I could help.