Arduplane config - Beginning INS calibration - not getting params

I make all calibrations,setting flight modes .
And make ground test motors,servos working stable in manual flight mode.
After that we lost mission planner connect and try reconnect GND_TEMP and GND_ALT_OFFSET parameter not getting at Getting Params screen.

After a lot of trying we connect and accel calibration start we saw this screen

“Begginning INS calibration.Do not move plane” written top of the screen

This is our second setup.Our first setup failed like the first.
Writing image same sd card and mission planner parameters setup at zero.

I flash new image to sd card and plug into new navio2
Run emlidtool , barometer not working

Can you post a picture of how your Navio2 is installed?

I try mission planner ,barometer value seems stable

Please mount your Navio2 with all four screws to ensure proper contact in the connector.

Photo taken few days ago .Navio2 mounted all four screews .
I still have problem.
Could the problem be because the foam is thin ?
Thickness 4 mm.

best regards…

Could you please run C++ or Python barometer example for a few seconds and post here the output:
Instructions are here:

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