Ardupilot unexpectedly starts motors

I have a Raspberry pi 3 / Navio2 , on my windows 8 computer I have Mission Planner running. When I enter the sudo ArduCopter-quad -A udp: command, the motor instantly start spinning and won’t stop until I hit ctrl-C on the raspberry pi. The Pi/Navio connects the Mission Planner via wifi/UDP. How do I rectify this?

Hi Jharr167 !

You really sure , the outputs are correctly connected in yours respectives pins ?

Yes, It is connected correctly.

I have had something similar once, but it has only happened once, I powered up my hexa (not armed) in the field and all motors started spinning, after a power off and on again things went back to normal. Previously and subsequently I have not experienced the issue again. Nothing changed in the mean time.

Are you using the latest image? This is a very strange issue indeed. Is there a chance you haven’t calibrated your ESCs?

I re-installed with the latest version of the Emlid Image, and followed the online instructions. The motor still comes on when I run the “sudo ArduCopter-quad -A udp:” command. I calibrated my ESC to 50Hz, the Min PWM is 1ms and the Max PWM 2ms. I don’t have a oscilloscope with me at the moment, but what is the PWM when the “sudo ArduCopter-quad -A” command is given?

Hi jharr167, what´s the ESC you´re using ? you sure the frequency is 50 ? for me 80 work´s .

I’m using the Q Brain 4 x 25A Brushless Quadcopter ESC, I’m sure the freq is 50hz. I used my flysky transmitter to calibrate the ESC and my transmitter runs at 50Hz.

What does it say it Mission Planner? Any errors? Is it armed or not?

Please, calibrate your ESCs @ 400Hz. This is the frequency used in ArduCopter to drive motors.