Ardupilot, MS5611 failure

Used the Navio 2 one year ago with my Raspi 3B and it was fully functional.
Sold this Raspi 3B some month ago.
Yesterday I bought a new Raspi (4, 8GB) and now I get an error message after starting ardupilot:
“ms5611: Failed – Reason: No connection”
All other tests passed.

Today I took another (new) SD card for Navio2, same error message.

Hi @polarspan,

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Is your Navio2 firmly attached to Raspberry Pi with screws? The failed test might indicate that the connection between the board and Navio2 is loose.

Yes screws.

just lowered force a bit on the srews and now it is working :slight_smile:
Thanks for your input Liudmila !!!

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