Ardupilot: inject RTK corrections into telemetry without MissionPlanner

Hi all!

I’m using Reach RTK with Ardupilot (Pixhawk) on a UAV, soon it will be controlled by a Frsky Taranis with telemetry data. So RC controls and UAV telemetry informations will be on the same link.

Is there a way to inject base RTK corrections on the same link? (and not use the GCS MissionPlanner)
The goal will be to have only one wireless link with the drone, with RC controls, Frsky telemetry infos, and base corrections.

Thanks for any advice!

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Also interested in this. I use APM and qGroundControl. It looks like I can do this over wifi, but I’d like to have one pair of telemetry radio and not rely on wifi at all.

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You can also use MAVProxy. GPS inject is supported by this module

I don’t know a lot of MAVProxy, i will study that.

The goal is also to remove the need of a ground station computer, but it’s interesting.
Does the mavproxy equiped computer catch the remote RC controls and transmit it to the uav, and allow to send uav’s mavlink messages received to the RC? What’s the link between the RC and the mavproxy computer?

MavProxy has joystick support. It can be used to bypass the need for a RC transmiter.

But you can not connect a RC transmiter to Mavproxy.

Ok thanks