Arduous number of rover logs

Maybe a few things I didn’t think through lol. So the last few days flying I decide to change my flight system from rfd900/Futaba/no VTX to a Herelink. And why not throw in a new RS2 and M2 and ditch including targets in the processing (now just checkpoints). Would explain why it’s currently 2 am and I’m still working. So I’ve got all these rover logs, a lot of them! Download them individually from my phone, transfer them to Dropbox, and into the individual image folders. There’s no joy there except seeing all the nice fixed trajectory in Emlid Studio : ) Am I doing this all wrong? Does anyone use a separate battery power supply for their M2 and just leave it on all day? One rover log, one base log, one huge folder of images, and one ring to rule them all. Or is this obvious and everyone is doing that?

Hi Shaun,

Such intense tests you have there! Overworking yourself is never a thing, though, so I suggest relaxing for a while :slight_smile: Your logs will be there when you come back!

Basically, there’s no correct scheme for working with the logs. You can do it whatever way you prefer. One log for all points may be easier for the processing afterward (not by Emlid Studio, mind you, but just to avoid transferring a lot of files by hand). It’ll take a bit longer for ES to process the files that last, say, 6 hours, of course, but the difference is neglectable.

Still, chopping the log for each checkpoint or for the specific set of points can also have advantages. For example, it can be easier to manage the work afterward if you have a separate folder for each set. For my anxiety of getting totally lost within the data, it seems like a pretty valid way to work :sweat_smile:

So essentially it all comes to what you’re comfortable with. If you’re choosing to cut and transfer each log, go for it. Just know if you get more from it than the amount of time you spend on it.

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