Arduino code for LED status

Hi, where I can found the Arduino code to receive the led signal (when taking the photo) and send it to the reach M+ module through Arduino, and mark the time and position of each photo (reach M+)?

Hi @Daniel_Veas_Contrera,

Reach M+ can record time marks only if it’s connected to a camera hot-shoe. A hot-shoe is a point on the top of a camera that provides a camera shutter signal. You can check hardware setup examples in this article from our docs.

What about the use one a Phantom 4 Pro with the Tuffwing light sensor or the AShot shutter capture? I think this is what the OP is referring to, but I don’t think there is any special code. Just a signal wire pulse right?

Thanks, I have this system into fixed wing, but now I try to install into mavic pro and phantom 4, with photosensor put over led that is lighted when is taken a photo, then this signal from photosensor pass thougth arduino module, taken this signal and send to emlid reach M+.

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Hi, Do you think it is possible to place the photoresistor over the led photo of the ghost, and directly to get to M + to geolocate the photos, on the tuffing site, the signal goes through the pixhawk?

I don’t have any experience with that camera or cable setup just the Tuffwing sensor on the P4P. We did modify one of the Tuffwing sensors to use in a Yuneec H520 to capture their internal camera LED but were unable to get a sufficiently isolated mounting so we had trouble getting consistent events.

Hi @Daniel_Veas_Contrera,

We’ve never tested setups with Arduino, so I can hardly comment on the reliability of such solutions. I’d also like to point out that cameras on DJI Phantom 4 and DJI Mavic Pro don’t provide hot-shoe access. That’s why Reach M+ can’t be easily integrated with them.

…and to carry on with that be aware that use on the Mavic and Phantom are PPK only.

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