ArduCopter-tri Navio2 does not seem to output motor control

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  5. If using any additional hardware please provide exact make and model.

Hi all,

I am using the stable version arducopter-tri binary with Navio2 and Rpi3. I can arm the tricopter and the tail servo works correctly as i change the yaw control on my radio stick. However, all three motors won’t spin at all.

To test whether or not the ESC/motor is bad, I tried to launch ArduCopter-quad on this tricopter and i verified that the motors spin and respond to stick movements after arming. So the problem may be in the stock built tricopter program.

I noticed a difference launching ArduCopter-tri and ArduCopter-quad. After launching ArduCopter-tri, there is one session of motor/ESC tune beeps. When I kill the ArduCopter-tri process on terminal, there is another session of motor/ESC tune beeps. By contrast, after launching ArduCopter-quad, there are two sessions of motor/ESC tune beeps. and when I kill the ArduCopter-quad process, there is no tune from the motor/ESC. I are not sure if this could indicate something wrong with the tricopter binary.

Do you know what is wrong and suggestions how to make the tricopter binary work on Navio2?

My tricopter wiring follows the ardupilot standard for tricopters.