Arducopter loop restarting raspbian 20190227

Hi @dsmoura,

I’ve got an issue with PPM readings on our last image, we’re currently looking into it.
Sorry for the inconvenience!

I am standing by.


We’re still investigating it. Sorry for the inconvenience!
May I ask you to use the previous image currently?

ok. I will be waiting for a solution.

Any update on the issue?

Hi @dsmoura,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you with updates.

We’ve conducted some more tests with our last raspbian image installed on Navio+ and may confirm that it inputs PPM readings correctly. Unfortunately, it seems it’s not a software issue.

May I ask you to reflash SD card using last Navio image and try to configure PPM input one more time?

Please keep me updated.

I`ve reflashed my SD card, same problem, it keeps restarting, i cant even configure it. Here is my connection setup. I mean it starts arducopter and stops and restarts by itself.

TELEM1="-A tcp:"
TELEM2="-B /dev/ttyAMA0"
TELEM3="-C /dev/ttyUSB0"
TELEM4="-D /dev/ttyUSB1"

Options to pass to ArduPilot


Hi @dsmoura,

Can you please check out what will be the output if you run the command below?

sudo arducopter -A tcp:

Please post the output here.


Hello Andreeva,
here you are.

pi@navio:~ $ sudo arducopter -A tcp:
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Rev 1.1. (intern: 2)
MS5611 found on bus 1 address 0x77
PANIC: AP_Baro::read unsuccessful for more than 500ms in AP_Baro::calibrate [2]

pi@navio:~ $

Hello Andreeva,
My question, why is arducopter rebooting for no reason? I reflashed my SD many times, under windows and Linux Ubuntu, nothing has fixed it.

Hi @dsmoura,

We’re looking into the issue and will provide the fix in the future Navio images.
I’m afraid the only thing I can recommend you now is to use the previous image with Navio+.

Image 20180525 works but it doesn`t read PPM from my receiver, the new image keeps rebooting.
Any schedule for a new image fixing all the issues?

Hi @dsmoura,

I’m afraid I can’t provide you with any timelines on when we might release the new image.

According to our tests, there should be no issues with PPM readings on the previous image. So it seems to be an issue of configurations or hardware setup.

May I ask you to create a new thread with the detailed description of your issue with PPM readings and actions you’ve already performed? I understand that we already discussed it in this thread, however, it’s better to sum up all the information we have for now for further troubleshooting. Moreover, this issue doesn’t correspond to the initial thread.


I am doing some tests here looking for a solution.


Please keep us updated.

No success yet on my experiences. Arducopter keeps restarting, i see flashing blue red and green every 20 seconds on 20180525 and 20190227.

Hi @dsmoura,

Could you please elaborate on how exactly did you run arducopter? Do you use Emlidtool for this?

Yes Tatiana, I am using Emlidtool strictly as per documentation. Nothing has changed, i am not been able to use it. I keeps restarting, as i mentioned on my first topic. Can you please guide through something to fix it. All the pictures and symptons above are still valid. It is reproduced here from my first topic.

Would you let me know what is going on with my Navio.