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Arducopter loop restarting raspbian 20190227

(Domingos Moura) #1

I am facing the following issue:
My setup:
Fresh SD 16gb latest EMLID(today)20190227 image arducopter 3.6.5
raspberry 3b

My issues:
Arducopter start after all config done through emlidtool, wifi and lan connects.
Connects to MP but after 20 sec it disconnects by itself in a loop every 15 sec.
Same setup as before, was working good. Yesterday i did a sudo update and got the same problem as today with a fresh burned image.
Cannot perform any task on MP.

Anybody noticed that?

(Domingos Moura) #3

EMLID please, point me the link to download the previous raspbian image.

(Andrew Yushkevich) #4

Hi @dsmoura,

You can download the previous image by following this link.
Let me know if reflashing helps

(Domingos Moura) #5

Yes Andrew, the image you provided works perfect. 20190227 keeps restaring. I mean arducopter.

(Domingos Moura) #6

Any findings on this issue? Is there anything i can do in order to use arducopter 3.6.7?

(Marc Lebret) #7


If your Navio+ is ok with older image (20180525), you can manually upgrade to copter 3.6.7.

Follow the HowTo in my Arducopter update post:


(Domingos Moura) #8

Thanks, i will try that and give you a feedback.

(Domingos Moura) #10

Marc, I just reflashed image 20180525, now it is not restarting but it doesn’t recognize my frsky R9 slim+. This is the same problem long ago during an upgrade, I went back to the previous image and It came back to work but now I can’t figure it out. Any clue? Thanks.

(Marc Lebret) #12

Can you confirm if you use receiver sBus-out with PPM converter to communicate with Navio+?

You also need a Bec on the servo rail to power the PPM converter.


(Domingos Moura) #13

Marc thanks for your reply. R9+slim receiver put out PPM and Sbus through LBT(listen before talk) i might be wrong but this is what i understood, also tried another receiver on PPM. Yes i am using a BEC and it is bound to the TX i have green light. PPM terminal is the one next to channel 1. It is diferent then NAVIO2, pics checked. Same exact wiring and setup was working before i started playing with upgrades.
Please if you see any other issue let me know.

(Domingos Moura) #14

Could be hardware? I mean the Navio+ itself?