Arducopter 4.03 main RGB LED no longer working

Has anyone else noticed that the main RGB LED on the Navio2 has stopped working since Copter 4.03?

It comes on briefly green (dim) for a few seconds and then it’s off completely.

Hi Lee,

At the moment, the LED indication on Navio2 only works for ArduPilot versions that are listed in emlidtool. We’ll look into that issue.

It’s the same for me. After I upgraded the firmware 4.0.3 the RGB LED stopped working

Hi Hesh,

Thanks for the report! It’s noted.

Hey there,

I’d like to tell you that we’ve fixed the issue with LED on Navio2 for the new binaries from ArduPilot. Now there should be no indication issues if you build from the source.

It’d be great if you could check how this fix works for you.


Arducopter 4.10dev compiled on the latest img (update and upgrade done) is OK with Led light. (RPI3B)



after Navio was updated in September the status LED was working on 4.0.3.
However, my understanding was that it should work on all new versions.
But unfortunately this is not the case on arducopter 4.0.4

Hi Karl,

Thanks for the report! We’ll check it and I will get back with the news.

Hi Karl,

At the moment, Navio2’s LED indication works only with the binaries that are supported by our image. We’ll look at what we can do here, but currently, there are no ETAs that I can share with you.

Hi Liudmila,

thanks for clarifying that.
At least now I know what to expect when I “jump” early into a new release.

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