Arducopter 4.0

Arducopter 4.0rc1 is available for beta testing.

You can find a compiled version in the Firmware repository, but it need some new components not available in the latest Emlid distribution (20190227).

If you compile the source (GitHub) on your Pi, it will work.

OneShot125 ESC mode is still broken (since 3.6.0).


Hi Marc,

Thanks for the update!

It’d be interesting to hear about the results of the testing :slight_smile:


I just had a short flight (windy day) with it. Quite stable in stabilise flight mode or AltHold mode.

Oneshot 125 is still out of service…
Led light is Green at startup but goes off after.

If in
/boot/config.txt I comment

Navio2 Led stay green…

I tryed to change Led settings in Mission planner with the same result: Led go green at early startup then goes and stay off.

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Led sequence is ok with Arducopter 3.6.11

With the same settings, Led is OFF with 4.0rc1

My Navio2 is flying with 4.0rc2.

I changed from a flat Hexa to an Y6.

Led problem is still the same.

Oneshot125 is still off.

Save waypoint and Auto mode are fine: I saved 4 wp and performed the same pattern twice in Auto.

RTL is fine

Here is the link to the log

So far, all is ok for me but I need to have Oneshot125 working before updating my Octo with Low KV motors.