Arducopter 3.5.2 Position hold autotune

Hello Emlid, any update on arducopter 3.5.2? I am looking foward on the new feature position hold autotune.Will it work on Navio+? I did it today on my two pixhawks and it work perfect. I wish we can see it working on Navio+ soon.
My equipment:
Quadcopter extended aluminum arms
Sunnysky V2216-12 800kv
Afro 30A esc.
10x4.5 APC props.
Raspberry pi 2 Navio+
Frsky taranis RC.

ArduCopter 3.5.2 is almost ready to be uploaded to our repos. We need a couple of days to test it. Autotune should work on Navio+ without any problems. In the meantime you can launch binary downloaded from here and as described here.

To launch binary is too complicated for me, i rather wait for you.