ArduCopter 3.4-rc4 for Navio 2

Hello guys!

The new beta is available in our repos. You can upgrade by the usual sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade.

Some of you have already tried RC2 and seem to be pleased. Thanks a lot for your testing efforts :slight_smile:

The changes mostly boil down to various EKF2 bugfixes and structural code improvements. If you want to look into the changes, please refer to changelogs.

Please beware that you’ll be asked to recalibrate accelerometers and compasses on your first launch. We’re looking forward to your flight data :aerial_tramway:

Stay tuned for the final release that is expected soon!


Very exciting news! I’ll have to try this out this weekend. From reading on, it indeed sounds like the final release is just around the corner :slight_smile:

From the sounds of it, the only remaining major issues are the EKF’s resetLastYawReset issue & OneShot twitching when disarmed. For the time being I can live without Oneshot, but it will be really nice when the yaw issues get resolved. Reading about the two issues, it sounds like there are already actionable fixes to patch things over for those of us that aren’t willing to wait for the final release :slight_smile:

Best regards
J Rogers

Hello, thank you very much.

Any news on IRlock support?


Today, I flew my quad by ArduCopter 3.4-rc4 on Navio2. There is no issue on this setup for stabilize and position hold.


Thanks for your work.

I will fly tomorrow with rc4. Did the update today, it is some “Black Magic” thing, looking at the screen and not really understanding all the lines…

I have an Hexa. With rc1, I flew Stabilize, AltHold and loiter.

Normal and Spline navigation with ROI ( with tablet and Tower) and RTL are OK.



Feedback from last rc4 flight session:

Mode Stabilize, take off routine (check right-left-forward-backward), then take off power, climb around 15 meters. Some changes of direction then switch to Altitude Hold, fine, then Loiter.

All OK,


Next flight, Stabilize TakeOff, Switch to Auto mode with tablet then RTL at the end of navigation.

Add more points with altitude change (spline nav) with ROI. Append Auto TakeOff and Landing.

Arm, Auto orders from the tablet. All the flight is without radio control (except power lever set to mid range after take off). Did this routine twice.

Happy with the result,


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Please do not drop support for NAVIO+:sweat_smile:

@Corrado_Steri Unfortunately, we have a lot of other tasks with higher priority than IR-Lock support. We hope to get to it eventually, but I can’t give any timelines.

@Jiro_Hattori Navio+ support continues :slight_smile: We will update it after some testing.

I tought you said towards the end of this week, now is no timeline, Great.


This is my bad. I thought we’d have some time to get it done. Unfortunately, we have too much on our hands right now. As I said earlier, that is not that difficult to add it yourself.

Ok, thank you anyway.

Hoped for a different answer but i guess this is the best i’ll get from support.