AR validation ratio 0 with v2.21.1 - RS

Hi guys, Following an “internal error” (orange and blue led solid) i had to flash my Reach RS rover. The base is Under 2.18, and i can not upgrade it, i saw 2.21.1 was unavailable for RS … then , my AR validation ratio is alwas 0, worked 2 days with almost never fix, however when it goes fix the arvr is still 0 and the float is very bad, i use it for tractor guidance and the drift is so big my line can move 3 or 4 meters in 10 min…

thanx or your help

details=“Simple system report”]

app version: 2.21.1-dev-r0

'wifi_status, interface: wlan0':

- wifi_mode: infrastructure

- ip:

is_added: true

is_connected: true

is_visible: false

mac_address: FC:DB:B3:94:EB:8C

security: wpa-psk

ssid: iPhone

uuid: d40ff043-6774-4bc6-b6cd-81908ed0084f

base mode:

base coordinates:

accumulation: '2'

antenna offset:

east: '0'

north: '0'

up: '0'


- 0

- 0

- 0

format: llh

mode: single-and-hold


enabled: false

format: rtcm3

path: tcpsvr://:9000#rtcm3

type: tcpsvr

rtcm3 messages:


enabled: true

frequency: '1'


enabled: true

frequency: '0.1'


enabled: true

frequency: '1'


enabled: false

frequency: '1'


enabled: false

frequency: '1'


enabled: false

frequency: '1'


enabled: false

frequency: '1'


discoverable: false

enabled: false

pin: '***'




- - 863000

- 870000

correction input:


enabled: true

format: rtcm3


send position to base: 'off'

type: tcpcli


enabled: false

format: RTCM3

io_type: tcpsvr

path: :9028



format: RTCM3

started: true


format: RTCM3

started: true

interval: 1

overwrite: false


format: UBX

started: false


format: LLH

started: false


air rate: 2.6000000000000001

frequency: 868000

mode: read

output power: 20

position output:


enabled: true

format: nmea

path: :8888

type: tcpsvr


enabled: false

format: llh

path: :9001

type: tcpsvr

rtk settings:

elevation mask angle: 13

glonass ar mode: 'off'

gps ar mode: fix-and-hold

max horizontal acceleration: 1

max vertical acceleration: 0.40000000000000002

positioning mode: kinematic

positioning systems:

compass: false

galileo: true

glonass: true

gps: true

qzss: false

sbas: true

snr mask: 33

update rate: 5


Continuing the discussion from ReachView v2.21.1:

Hey Pierre and Dave,

We’ll make sure this is fixed in the next firmware update. Sorry for the inconvenience

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