AR ratio on dev firmware

Re: Android app beta. Anyone had any trouble getting an AR validation ration with developer firmware? I could get one - two different units. Downgraded to non-beta and works fine with AR validation of 999. Any thoughts?

Hi David,

Do I understand correctly that you’re working with v2.23.8 dev version? Would you mind specifying what typical values of AR ration was it possible to achieve with the dev firmware and on the stable firmware version in the same setup?

On the dev firmware we couldnt get above 2.5, but on the stable (latest) non-dev version 2.22.5 which was installed with the firmware flash tool we got 999 Ar ratio within less than 5 minutes.


Is there a chance you recorded the position logs on both versions? It’d be great to check them as well as the photos of the environment.

Sorry - I dont have the logs set up. Visibility was good however.

Hi David,

Have you come across the same issue once again? Would it be possible for you to share the logs of the encounter?

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