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Yes that is who I contacted, I down loaded the demo version but when I checked with them they said that there was a bluetooth connection issue that they may address in a future version of the software, so I gave up on the demo. still looking.


Survey Master is one of the best free apps. I managed to connect my RS + in two test sessions, making surveys and stakeout. This app is very professional and complete. I did it emulating the T300 Plus as seen in the image but now it doesn’t connect me anymore. Anyone who has succeeded and can help me. Thank you

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I will try again and get back to you. I also found it to be a very professional feeling app.


Thanks Brent, it is very strange in my RS + that sometimes I can connect it working well and at other times most I cannot achieve it.

It turned out to connect? I did not connect RS2.

PLS try Ntrip Lefebure to fetch GPS data from Bluetooth as an substitute for phones internal GPS(mock location) and setup Survey Master App
Connection -> Device model Controller GNSS

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it work only mobile phone internal GNSS not for mock location.

It is strange the steps that I follow to make the connection, but it works for me in Reach RS +, here I leave the steps, they must follow all the steps indicated, they tell me if it works for them.
Pasos para conectar Emlid ReachRS a Survey Master.pdf (277.6 KB)


A new version of Nuwa App released today!
A lot of enhancements and bugs fixed but added some limitations!

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hi Zinou

what limitations added?


Unfortunately! added the limit to 5 survey points when connecting to general instruments of NMEA mode.

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really bad news


it will cost from now on

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Hi, i just managed to connect with rover please help on how to go about the base connection to have a fixed status.thanks

@stan29rob, you have to setup Base and Rover first before mange to connect to the application following a doc here : Base and rover setup | Reach RS/RS+

Hi I have tried to use survey master. And faced 2 problems:
1.Connection to base always showed me as rover mode.
2. Any idea how to do base correction?

This doesnt work. You have to use a rover with an already FIXed solution and output this over NMEA to Survey Master


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Hi guys,

We now provide the handy ReachView 3 app for surveying :slight_smile: As for stakeout, you can work in the bull’s-eye mode since the 7.5 update. And we’re continuing to work on Stakeout improvements.

Feel free to create a new thread and share your thoughts if you try the new ReachView 3 version out!