App for stakeout or layout whit emlid

Good afternoon;

My name is Martin, I design field projects, where I use emlid to stake out in the field many points, a project for example can have 400 points. These points are differentiated by colors, red, blue, green, etc.

I am looking for an app that can be connected to Emlid and show me the google satelite image and points of my design in the field with the colors.

At the moment I use mapit gis, in which I can’t load it by colors unless I do it layer by layer of points, which gives me a lot of work since I can have 15 colors in a project.

Do you recommend any app that can receive a kmz and show me the points in colors at the same time that connects to the emlid and uses it as external gps?

Hi Martin, and welcome aboard !

You may give a try to QField, which is a port of QGIS on mobile. So you should be able to keep all your color rules. Not a user myself, but have definitely met surveyors using it successfully.

I also vote for QField. The big advantage is that you can create your symbology in QGIS on your PC, and it will be visible in the mobile app.

We used it with high success this summer on a project where we needed to fly drone missions over pre-identified areas and where we needed to setup quadrat sampling grids. Having our entire QGIS project loaded with polygon zones and quadrat locations all color-coded made it much easier to navigate in the sites.

You can show online layers if you have cellular data, or you can create offline basemaps from loaded layers. QField works seamlessly with Emlid receivers when they are paired through Bluetooth and location output is set to BT in Reachview.

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Hi Martin,

As long as ReachView 3 doesn’t support features you described, this guide will help you connect Reach to 3rd-party software on Android. It describes the process Gabriel mentioned in the last sentence.

But I also want to say that satellite background map and different layers are on our roadmap. KMZ format is not, but I’ll write this request down.


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Hi guys,

The satellite background map is now available in the Emlid Flow and Emlid Flow 360 Survey plan. You can read more about the apps and plans here. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to start a new thread.

Layers are still on our roadmap!

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