APMrover2.elf crashing? after a few seconds


after a successful test run with my rover, the Rpi2 refused to shutdown properly for a unknown reason. I cut power and went home.
Now APMrover2.elf is crashing silently after a few seconds.
I downloaded and installed the apm.deb, thinking the APMrover2.elf may have got corrupted, but the new APMrover2 file is also crashing.
Is there anything else I could check?
FSCK just reported it reseted the dirty bit.

Edit: It seems not the elf, but the settings got corrupted. After renaming the settings file (APMrover2.stg) the APMrover2.elf runs without problems again.

This makes sense, it was not able to load parameters. Probably SD card got corrupted, what kind of SD card do you use?

It is a Kingston 16GB Class 10.