APM with Hardware-in-the-loop firmware for Navio+

Hi Everyone,

I have uploaded APM copter binaries into my Navio+ with Raspberry Pi 2.
I am able to connect to Mission Planner through UDP.
Now I am trying to use X-Plane10 to run a Hardware-in-the-loop simulation of my QuadCopter.
I have looked a lot but haven’t found any resource for HITL using Navio+ with Raspberry pi 2.
Please could you guide me with this process.
Any help is appreciated.



Hello there!

I haven’t used HITL but I believe it should be compatible with other supported boards. If I remember correctly, there’s no easy way to run HITL simulation on Copter or Rover. Is there anything special you want to test? Won’t SITL simulation suffice?

I will be simulating some control algorithms, so HITL would be the best option. Do you know if the apm firmware for NavIO+ includes HITL? Also, please could you direct me with SITL for NavIO+? I may have to work with that for now.

I don’t think there is anything specific for NAVIO+ regarding SITL or HITL since it is based on same firmware.
APM doc should apply: http://dev.ardupilot.com/wiki/simulation-2/