APM:Plane 3.3.0

For those of us that installed Arduplane via the deb package what are the upgrade steps?

Will 3.3.0 be released as an upgrade so you just need to run deb upgrade?

We will release a new deb package as soon as ArduCopter 3.3.0 will be released (that should happen in a couple of weeks). To install new version you would need to download it and run dpkg -i apm.deb.

So there’s a neat feature request… an official package manager source on your web site which is added to the trusted/built-in aptitude list so it is preloaded and updated the same way as Raspberry Pi tools and standard Linux packages.


There’s currently an ongoing discussion among APM devs about how Linux APM boards should update APM binaries, we should probably stick to the way that will be chosen. Repository for a standard package manager is an obvious solution, but has a few downsides.

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Why is it necessary to wait for ArduCopter in order to generate the ArduPlane firmware? What is the best way to install it manually prior?

We prefer to have a single unified package for ArduPlane, ArduCopter and APMRover2.
APM developers have a plan to merge all vehicles into one autopilot with vehicle type selected.
Also, we need some time to test everything in a real flight.

If you’d like to try APM:Plane 3.3.0 right now you can easily compile it yourself (there’s even no need to set up cross-compiler, it takes only ~5min on Raspebrry Pi 2) following these instructions:
Instead of emlid/navio repository use diydrones/ardupilot.

@mikhailavkhimenia How often are changes/fixes made in emlid/ardupilot merged back into diydrones/ardupilot and how can we best keep track of this other then following all the commits and pull requests on github?

Seems that APM 3.3.0 is released.


We usually work in separate branches for new features \ fixes, when the feature is ready we push it into navio-experimental, when it is tested for a while - we push it into navio and at the same time open pull request into ardupilot\master. At this time we also update the deb package with binaries and post news about it.
So to keep track of stable releases follow the blog, and for bleeding edge features - commits in navio-experimental.
One of the new features that is coming is rewritten RCInput without pigpio which should provide slightly better performance, Vlad (our team member who is working on it) is currently polishing and testing it.