APM Navio Plus - EZ Menu

Greetings everyone.

I have been working with gentleman with a Navio Plus. He’s kinda new to Linux and the web page had him running all over the place. To help him out I wrote an installer and maintainer Bash script EZ Menu. You can go from new image to ready to run in under 5 minutes.

I release this to you the community for free.

You can acquire it with the following…
wget http://www.makememphis.com/menu
GitHub - Memphisartguy/Navio-Plus---E-Z-setup: This is a script that makes setting up the Navio Plus a 5 minute or less task.

To run…
use (sudo chmod 755 ./menu) to make it executable and then just type ./menu

Feel free to give any feedback, or suggestions.

Dru Morgan


Kinda new to linux, I suck at it! Thank you for all your help with my project!

It’s great you’re sharing this with the community. Your hours of work contributed to my project’s success and will help many others.

We need to get a Navio2 and test this installer on it too!
Can you put a link to Emlid.com on your get hub page?

Great Job!