APM Maximum Number of Waypoints with Navio+Pi

It seems that the APM has an EEPROM limited number of waypoints. Around 120-125 position alterations and about the same with actions like camera triggers and such. (Approx. 256 total) Depending on your specific mission, getting close to or reaching this limit will corrupt the EEPROM. It’s a know limitation of the system but there isn’t any real solutions.

However I am not sure if this is a hardware or software limitation?

Would the use of Navio+ running APM on the RasPi increase the size of the EEPROM? (allocation)
Or even better, would the Pi allow the way points to be stored on an sd card?

Anxiously awaiting delivery of my Navio+

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I will need to have a look. There is obviously no limitation on the hardware side (for RPi), but there might be some on software or protocol level.

@matthewbrooks Seems like there is no software limitation in APM or MAVLink and WP index is uint16_t so 65535 waypoints should be possible. Should be tested though

Ok. Thanks for looking into it.
I’ll try to test it out as soon as I can.

The size of a storage on Linux is additionally restricted by a parameter in https://github.com/emlid/ardupilot/blob/navio/libraries/AP_HAL_Linux/Storage.h


Increasing it will allow for more waypoints. We’ll test if increasing it does not break anything and will make bigger by default.


Did you finally test if increasing the number of waypoints breaks something? How many waypoints can we use with Navio+ safely?

Thank you!