APM Integration Instructions don't match actual screens

I’m trying to configure a Reach connected to a Pixhawk using the instructions here:

but the configuration screen does not contain the same fields as the instructions.

Here are the biggest differences I’ve seen:

1.) There is no UART selection. Its just a text field.
2.) There isn’t an ERB output format. There is only llh, xyz, nmea and enu.

The reach is running 1.2 of the firmware obtained from here:

Is there something else I need to do to update the Reach for the Pixhawk integration?
(I’m using 3.4.2 of Arducopter as well.)



yeah you need to update reach view app!
(options: upper right on the main screen and then update button if i remember correctly!)
the image provideds an old version

It didn’t work. I need to get a direct link to the updated firmware. Do you know what is is?

which version are you running?

1.2. That’s the only version I’ve found on the website. This one from the forum may be closer:
But not the final v2.1.2 version mentioned here:

1.2 is the image; reach view app has a different version number; ( 0.4.9 is the latest)

sure reach module has internet connection?
offline update is quite a procedure ( Updating ReachView with no internet available? then do an offline update )

reach image v2 beta is also an option, but as it is still in beta you have to be aware that bugs are possible until release

I’m on a very slow connection right now so I’d rather download the image and flash the Reach’s rather than use the web app that requires multiple downloads of a large file.

Is the web app supposed to update ReachView? It doesn’t seem to work either.

reach view is just a small update, it is not the entire ímage;

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I know, but the web app fails to update ReachView.

which version are u running?

Looks like its .3

That beta version failed completely. Nothing worked. So I’m reverting back to 1.2.

can you elaborate that a little bit? it is still in beta, so bugs can be found;

sure, revert to 1.2; if reach has internet connection, updating ReachView inside the app should not be a problem; recheck if Reach has internet connection when updating;

The unit would not respond. The stats light went to light purple and never progressed. I could not ssh to the device and the wifi hotspot didn’t start.

Have you done everything step by step to get v2 beta?

Yes, I used the CLI instructions on Windows since the Intel GUI applications fails to install on my laptop.

The process to update ReachView using the web app also failed. I’m getting a red blinking light now. (I reverted back to 1.2 for now, but still can’t update the ReachView app automatically.)

Read the first answer on @jcampen question, please.


Let me try to make things a little bit more clear.

Versioning systems

Reach software is defined by two numbers: the image version and the app version.
For the first ReachView the latest are 1.2 and 0.4.9 correspondingly. However, the image we have posted contains the app version 0.0.3, just because it was the newest at the time.

For the beta, the image version is 2.0 and the current app is 2.1.2.

Updating on the slow connection

The first RV has an update system that is far from perfect and the amount of data to download when you update from 0.0.3 to 0.4.9 is rather big. It’s not as big as a whole image, however.

The new beta has a much more advanced update system, it will show you new version availability, progress and such. Moreover, the difference between the default app version beta image app version and the current 2.1.2 is way smaller than it is in the non-beta release, so updating on slow connection will be easier.

Overall, I would recommend using the beta any day. It’s still lacking some features, but mostly is quite stable and much more pleasant to use.