Apm installation in Navio + and Navio2 with one click Pads

As some people to start with the navio + or navio2 costs you a bit and end up leaving the project, I created a repository of scripts which installs apm and apm and video startup scripts.
You can enjoy from the beginning and learn little by little more thoroughly later.
Download scripts installation https://github.com/5jjCopter/instalar/archive/master.zip
Unzip to the desktop.
Select the .txt you need for installation; navio2estable, navio2beta, navio+.
Copy and paste the contents in the console of raspberry, having installed latest image EMLID
It will be installed; apm with autorun at startup, video with automatic startup to startup, and manual start measuring temperature.
IP sets on Wi-Fi for raspberry connections to access.
APM and video auto start at the beginning.
Recording of temperature with time and date; sudo Python./temp.py
Change ip Wi-Fi access point.
Change the type of vehicle.
instalación navio en raspberry con un solo clip de raton - YouTube
Best regards


Muchas gracias por el tutorial y los scripts.
Una pregunta, para ti cual es la versión mas estable para la navio2?

Theoretically to pixhawk you must be the 3.3.3.

But in our case, and so you read and checked 3.4 corrects many mistakes that, in theory, have it 3.3.3.

I’m testing 3.4 and me liking this very much.

In pixhawk I also have 3.4 and me is giving more problems than in navio2.


En pixhawk también tengo 3.4 y me esta dando mas problemas que en navio2.


I did what you write there and it works just for ArduCopter-single. What should I do to work for Quad and Hexa?


Please connect by ssh ship.
Write to console the following.

sudo nano ardupilot

ArduCopter-y6 -C /dev/ttyAMA0 -A $PROTOCOL:$IP:$PORT > /home/pi/ArduCopter-y6.log

In the last line change ArduCoter-Y6 by which nesesite.

Updated repository.
Updated scripts APM update installation scripts.
Created scripts update.
Added scripts .Service for temp.py
In automatic installation also runs upgrade scripts.