on the main page of REACH i read “Although ERB support has already been added to APM master, there was no release yet to include it”

I would like to know if I can use your device with ardupilot and if i can use with offical releases of the arducopter firmware.

I want to use REACH on a multicopter.
Thank you.


Unfortunately, the situation hasn’t changed. There was still no release to include ERB, which is in the mainline, so the Pixhawk binaries in our docs are the way to go.

Ok, I have seen that you compiled PX4 last stable firmware version with the modification needed to support ERB.
Thank you.
Another question:
Is it possible to use your device with APM 2.5 hardware? Or do I need the Pixhawk?
I ask you this because I still have a APM 2.5 at home.
Thank you.

Hey there!

The APM2.5 has been EOL’d for quite a while. That’s why we don’t provide a build.

If you wish to do so, it’s not that difficult to backport GPS_ERB to the latest release that supports APM2.5,though. I suppose, it’s just a matter of adding this driver to the codebase and build the code after that.

Feel free to ask for help.