Apm.deb not found in files.emlid.com


https://files.emlid.com/apm/apm.deb, needed to install APM , do not you have available on your page.

@ministrillo Hi! Our bad, it will be fixed today.


Hello there!

The instructions have been updated. Please, try again!

Hi, the apm.deb for navio+ is not found. May I know where can I find it? Thanks.

Because it’s been deprecated. Refer to new docs.

Thanks for the update. However, I followed the instructions to install apm-navio, an error saying that the package cannot be found is shown. The image has been updated.

I guess, sudo apt-get update should help.

I have the same issue of downloading the APM raw binary.

Location: https://emlid.com/not-found/ [following] while I try to use "wget emlid.com/files/APM/NavioRaw/APMrover2.elf " Have you moved your binaries to some other location ?

Guys, this update method is long gone! Take a look at the updated docs :slight_smile: