APM connection -same topic

Sorry I had to create a new topic because I couldn’t reply on the post for some reason.

Yes I connect it via SSH. The console just says " Raspberry Pi 1 with BCM2708!" and APM starts initialising for a few seconds, then on the message on APM it says "[MAV 001:1] flight mode = 11 " and the mode goes to Disarmed-RTL, nothing else happens either on APM or on the console.

When I connect the RPi to APM using only the radio, it gives me a long message like "Init ArduPlane V3.3.1beta1 (0615d7a0)

Free RAM: 4096
load_all took 901us
0 0 0 ?3?Beginning INS calibration; do not move planeW??3?Demo Servos!)? ?>????0???!u? ?0????0???Init Gyro***
?3?Calibrating barometer?? ?????0??? ?R?
?Initialising APM…q??3
?Initialising APM…??
?????0???Airspeed sensor unhealthy
?3?Demo Servos!y?? ?????0???:??3?Demo Servos!I?? Ֆ????0???k??3?Demo Servos!?? ????0????g ublox ?3?flight mode = 1 event on, ܶ?? |???????&38|Dq ??????`?0???*j???nc?>pA??? !?&C@!!!$9?6?L ???2?"#?&???#?&??7@??
: ?M?428??$J?w???H?%???H?L???&?#?
Is this normal and how long is it supposed to last ?

Well, all that sounds like a correct behavior. If you see the telemetry and HUD updates in the APM Planner then everything is all right.

When you run APM without the connection it will output all debug messages and binary MAVLink protocol to the console, that’s why you see different characters, it is okay, APM sends them all the time.