APM Builds - How Often

Hi guys,

Wondering how often the APM ELF builds are updated. For instance, Tridge just released the 3.3 betas today. When might those be incorporated?

How hard is it to build APM from the latest version?


We usually rebuild binaries after adding new features, but we are planning to set up the CI.
You can manually compile new versions yourself from ArduPilot’s master, Navio+ is already supported there.
It’s easy to build the new version - just follow the steps from the Building from sources tutorial and use the repo and branch with the version you need.

Awesome, thank you! Will give it a shot. Once built, does anything need to be done to make it have RT priority?

No, there’s no need to do anything, APM sets it’s priorities by itself.

is the original navio also supported?

Yes, Navio and Navio+ are fully compatible.

Thanks, I successfully built from ardupilot source. Looking forward to flying it.

Stupid question, I know…but how does APM set priorities itself? How does the OS know to prioritize it? I’m pretty new to this.


When APM runs it executes code that sets the priority of its threads and switches to FIFO scheduler.
It happens in init(*) function in libraries/AP_HAL_Linux/Scheduler.cpp