Apm and 3 axis brushless gimbal compatibility

Hey all, thought i would repost here. Wondering if anyone has integrated successfully a 3-axis brushless gimbal to there APM project. Posted originally on DIY drones, but 30 views and no responses tells me that no one has yet been successful? Anyone here?

Before I go out and buy a brushless gimbal that I’m stuck with and is incompatible I’m wondering if people out there have a working configuration already.
I’ve got a Raspberry Pi camera which weighs in at single digit grams, so it doesn’t have to be huge or crazy, just STABLE with no vibe. I’ve got Copter v3.3 up and running rock solid. I also have a servo gimbal that just doesn’t work too great so hopefully the brushless is an improvement and less jittery.
I’ve read up here on integrating the 2 axis Tarot that I’m sure everyone else has seen, but really wanted that third axis for pointing at a ROI. Has anyone had luck integrating the 3 axis Tarot:
Or similar? Must be APM compatible.
Please help :)?

APM has no issue controlling a 3-axis gimbal. Upgrading from servo to brushless would be a great experience :smile: