APM 3.3-rc9 beta testing

We have compiled our binaries with correct libc version, so that everyone does not have to use testing branch. Deb also combines all vehicles in one file and adds corrects symlinks to them.


I think it is a very bad habit to distribute raw executables for linux, like DIY Drones do.

Thanks for the information, that makes sense. I’ve removed the depreciated/“old” references from my script comments to avoid confusion.

Does anyone have a patch to build the official source on the RPI 2 real time image? I always get compile errors and I don’t have the time to debug. Has anyone else built the source on the emlid image?

Hi. Should I remove/purge my current APM install (installed using
wget http://emlid.com/files/APM/apm.deb
sudo dpkg -i apm.deb) before I install this new deb? Or can I have them installed in parallel?
Or should I create a clean build from scratch? (Not preferred)

Hello Robert!

You can take a look at our repo which contains a step-by-step instruction how to compile and boot the patched kernel. If you come across any compilation errors, please let us know and we’ll help you figure oout what the problem is.

Hello @Ramonster

If you’re concerned about the parameters you’d been adjusting, don’t worry. They are compatible across different versions.

You can proceed with the installation. The only way it could lead to problems of any kind is if you compiled a custom binary from master branch.

Either way, the backup is always a good practice. That’s why I encourage you to download parameter list using a GCS of choice before upgrading.

Thank you for your response.
My question is: should I uninstall my current version of APM before I install the new one? Or can I just proceed with the installation of this new version?
Will it overwrite the previous version?
Or will it be installed in parallel?
Kind regards.


You can proceed. The installation will overwrite old binaries and let parameters stay as the were.

But, I want to make it clear one more time: please, make a backup just in case something goes awry.