APM 2.8 flight controller doesn't output

i built my first quadcopter f450. APM2.8 flight controller, FS-TH9X transmitter, FS-R9B receiver simonc 30A ESC etc. problem is motors not rotating. if connect receiver into ESC directly motor rotate normally by controller. if connect to flight controller it won’t rotate. i’m sure every thing connected correctly. please help me

Hi Munkhjargal,
You are not really on the right forum for APM 2.8;

you will need to provide some more information; I believe your receiver is connected to APM through an PWM to CPPM/SBUS converter to APM?
How do the motors/escs “not respond”? (do they continue beeping?)
Are you connected via telemetry to APM? (did you do all the calibrations? - that’s necessary before arming)
explain all your steps until now (electric setup and calibration please)

one long beep after quadcopter turn on musical tone

it have no telemetry

i can’t do ESC calibration because it doesn’t beep(ESC calibration beep) when i maximize throttle and turn on the quadcopter.

you need a telemetry modem (something like a 3dr 433/900mhz modem) for APM 2.8 to perform several calibration steps;
and you will need to do some reading for APM 2.8 on ardupilot!
sorry to tell but actually you have an outdated autopilot…
but hey, good time to switch to Navio2?

i have a wolf box 433mhz uhf long range addon for my th9x but usb connector to pc is delaying delivery

I’m not familiar with that modem - it looks like it fits to your transmitter;
but you will additionally need something like 3DR modem to get the relevant data through mavlink to connect to a computer running missionplanner or similar GCS;

i won’t use it with mission planner. i have osd

you need it for calibration;
you could also use an UART connector for calibration steps - but depending of your copter-size you might have a hard time and some soldering;
you need to calibrate compass, accelerometer, and radio (and maybe ESC’s)
OSD is for flying;

i calibrated other than ESC on mission planner but it looks like not saving after i calibrate if i remove and reconnect usb. it ask again.if i don’t calibrate one of them. doesn’t motors rotate?

oh so what i said wasn’t true - AM 2.8 has an usb port to calibrate and you don’t need a 3DR modem…
calibrating and unplugging power should be sufficient…when escs stop beeping they do get an adaequate pwm signal;
then you should be able to arm your copter…
arm your copter with usb connected to mission planner and observe the (error) messages