Apm 2.8 compass

hello there everyone,
i have an apm 2.8 flight controller which i have loaded with firmware through mission planner and started calibrating the mandatory hardware. i have calibrated the accelerometer successfully (i believe) and the compass and the radio but when i get back to DATA tab of mission planner the drone orientation is upside down. I have researched over the internet and have gotten mixed information about why it happens. Some say the compass on apm 2.8 is mounted upside down and that i shoud change a parameter name AHRS_ORIENTATION to fix that but my mission planner doesnt have the full parameter list option in the configuration tab. Others say that the apm 2.8 doesnt have a compass at all and i need to connect a GPS module with built in compass. Anyone have any ideas?
Just for clarification i am using internal compass and i have connected a jumper between the 2 pins near the gps port to enable it and i also go through the live calibration process of the compass “normally”, meaning i choose the internal compass option i start calibration i turn the drone in every direction and i get a message saying my calibration was successfull.
thanks in advance

first of all you are on the complete wrong forum here. Emlid is not involved with the APM flight controller.
You need to go to: https://discuss.ardupilot.org/

The second issue is not many people will be willing to help as this flight controller has been outdated for at least 6 years and as such support has ended long time ago.

Good luck


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