I am considering buying two RS units, and I have a few questions.

I am accustomed to running Carlson survCe which allows you to use the stored points to set your base location. Does a similar function exist in reachView where you can specify a point number for the base location? Or do you have to type in coordinates?

I assume at this point you have to use latitude longitude rather than a local coordinate system?

Perhaps a bigger question, is there a software API that would allow a company like Mobile topographer Pro to write an interface for the reach RS unit for set up Etc?

For actual survey use with RS, I can see the need for something like Mobile topographer Pro, which performs point management and coordinate transformation on the Fly. but using both reachView and Mobile topographer Pro could be cumbersome. A single integrated app would be better.

Any input from emlid and from fellow surveyors would be appreciated.


  1. No, at this point you can’t set a point number as a base station. “I have put in a feature request for that, though :)” Yes, you have to type in the coordinates if you have a known point you want to use.
  2. Yes, at this point reach does not have local coordinate systems. It is high on users wish list.
  3. I must defer on this question.
  4. Yes, a single app would be better, but once you have it set up to work together, it’s really not that bad.
  5. You are aware that Reach will work together with Carlson?.

Greatly appreciate the feedback. It sounds like the RS is good hardware in need of good software. I use Carlson on a proprietary device–a 10+ year old juniper unit that cost $6000 when new.

Emlid is on the right track. Low-cost open system. They should partner with map-it or mobile topographer to develop an integrated app. It doesn’t need cogo or a roadway package in the first release, just equipment config, point management, coordinate transformation on the fly, and stakeout. dxf or dwg import would be nice. Map-it and mobile topographer have most of these features already.

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Hi @Tornado,

Reach RS already works with SurvCE as well as all the mobile apps that you have listed.

Thank you, Igor.
Unfortunately my SurvCE collector does not have wifi or Bluetooth, so I would need a new collector, which is fine because my old collector has a 3" monochrome screen!

Is there an API, or a script capability for configuration of Reach RS?


An API is coming early next year.

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