AP_HAL RCInput @ NAVIO does not work

Hello all,

the example in the AP_HAL/RCInput does not work on NAVIO board (with RPI2),
but the example in the RC_Channel works fine. Also the RCOutput works
fine. Any suggestions what could be wrong ?

Code: hal.rcin->num_channels()

Thanks a lot for any help!

Hello Ivan,

Does our example work for you?
I am trying to find out if it is an issue with the example or you can’t decode PPM with any other code.

Hello Igor,

your example works fine, the one from Ardupilot does not.

Hello Ivan,

And if you run full APM code, does decoding work for you?

Dear Igor,

the APM code also does not read the PPM from the receiver, I get a message on the ground station “Radio Control is not active or turned on”.

When running your example everything works fine, it reads the signal.

Any idea what setting I have wrong?

Thank you!