Anyone with a RS2 or RS2+ want to help me test out Swift Navigation Skylark NTRIP service?

I signed up for Swift Navigations Skylark correction service to test it out with my RS+. I was able to receive corrections, but it took over an hour to get a fix, and the RS+ also lost the fix really quickly. I’m guessing it has something to do with the RS+ being a single band receiver.

I’m considering buying an RS2+ but only if the Skylark Corrections work on it.

I’m hoping someone on the forums has an RS2+ and wanted to test out the Skylark service (but didn’t to pay to test it). I signed up for the North American service, so it would need to be someone in the continental US.

Thanks for

If anyone’s interested please send me a message and I will send you the NTRIP login information.

I’m in Washington state. Not familiar with Swift, but I could certainly see how the RS2+ plays with their coverage if it is here. I didn’t see a coverage map on their page but I didn’t look hard.

Hi Brett,

Yeah, it can be the reason. What are your conditions? Are there trees/buildings/any other high obstacles?

Two different days. First day was semi-overcast, second day was sunny. No trees and I was about 50 feet away from a 20’ tall building. It said I was receiving corrections, but from only 8 or so satellites. I didn’t look hard, but I suspect those 8 were the only U.S. L1 satellites visible.


Can you record the set of logs on this site? Or maybe, by chance, do you have them from your previous surveys?

I need raw data, base corrections, and position logs. I’ll check what’s coming from the NTRIP, and how good are the signals received by Reach. It will help us understand why it struggles getting a Fix.

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