Anyone want an RX? Rubbish - can't get to work

No - using a mount point provided by rtk2go. Nearest baseline shouldn’t make any difference to whether I receive a signal, just affect the quality of the results.

Emlid caster is no good if you’re relying on 4G and an RX.

Got home and tried same mountpoint 50km further away - connected no problem via home wifi. Turned off and resorted to 4G (which still has a decent signal) - no joy. So it appears to be the 4G that’s the issue…

Why? In the sense that you don’t have your own base to transmit?

In that case, I don’t know what your use case is but I would not rely on RTK2GO for anything professionally delivered to clients. This is not a reliably standardized service.


yes, you don’t

I always SATISFIED when using emlid caster to broadcast my base correction, it is free but reliable, i dont know why other people experience other way…

For you. I would suspect your hotspot. If you are able to successfully use other data connections except that one. Most of us are using 4G on our devices with no issues.


If you are waiting on corrections then you are connected to the network but the quality is not good enough to fix. This could 100% be a data connectivity issue. Trouble with acquiring an RTK fix are pretty agnostic to equipment when it comes to RTN’s and I just happened to provide another factor to think about on the DroneDeploy forum…

I use the Emlid Caster with an M2 CORS and RX rover regularly without issues unless I hit a bad cellular area.

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I’m not sure - I can get a fix via wifi. 4G signal was 20MB/s so it’s not a data connectivity issue. I think hotspot is likely to be the issue as identified by dpitman…

4G is the hotspot correct? What I was trying to point out is that it’s not the speed of the connection but the quality. I have had clean 5mbps cellular connections with low latency that fixed when a 20mbps with inconsistent latency that wouldn’t. Yes we are both talking about the connection in the field. Probably connects fine from your home Wi-Fi.

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Ah - understood. but at home, using wifi and 4G similar happens?

I’m not sure I follow that statement but on home/work Wi-Fi you are almost guaranteed to have a nice clean transfer whereas 4G in the field can change every 100ft. If you connectivity in the field is that bad then an NTRIP rover is probably not a good idea. I do mostly drone work so my use case is a little different because I can usually get just a good enough of a connection to set a point so I can do local NTRIP for the drone but I have the M2 configured to where I can take it in the field and broadcast LoRa to my RS2+ if needed for setting points.

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Hi Mark,

Could you please specify whether you’re using the same credentials when working over Wi-Fi and 4G with rtk2go? I found on their website (info under the Very important heading) that they implemented a new login process that rejects connections for certain types of email addresses. Just in case, please double-check that it complies with their requirements.

If it’s not the case here, please share what version of Emlid Flow is installed on your smartphone. Are you working with Android or iOS?


Yes - same credentials. Given that they work when connected to wifi, should be OK for 4G. Using iOS smartphone.

Can you please share the screenshot of the NTRIP profile you created? You may send it via PMs here or to

Also, do you have an Android device to test this RX with? It’d be useful to understand whether the issue repeats with another mobile device.

I’ll take it, provided you’ll accept my $500 offer






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Is this still available…
If yes can I bid for 510…

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